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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Cochlear blessings

This blog entry is long overdue. The cochlear implant is a wonderful blessing, even though I still don't have 100% hearing. To hear the birds singing, to play my favourite old records, to listen to my CDs and my movies, to go to Church and hear the Sabbath day meetings, to visit with friends, my family and even the check out 'chicks', is truly a marvel, a wonderful miracle. Such a blessing from my God when I was reconciled to being deaf and this miracle popped out of the blue. I know Heavenly Father is mindful of me and that there are those who watch over me! Of course, mine isn't painted like these, the picture was sent to me by my cousin Jenny who is living in London. Brilliant idea for kids who have to wear the processor

Blog Comments

It is very sad when someone who is supposed to be family will visit my blog and leave such dreadful, heart-rending comments that are based on completely unfounded untruths. It is sad that the person who left such comments doesn't realize that as a grandmother, I have access to my grandchildren through the law. Watch it people before you slam accusations around! I love my family! The detrimental comments have been treated as spam

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My position on marriage between a man and a woman

Senator Eric Abetz

Leader of the Government in the Senate
Minister for Employment
Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on the Public Service
Liberal Senator for Tasmania


Dear Colleen,

Given your commitment to maintaining the truth of marriage, I thought I should let you know that the Coalition has just resolved to maintain our position for the rest of this Parliament.

I firmly believe that the institution of marriage is one that has been uniquely, over the centuries, the union of a man and woman to the exclusion of others for life.  I also believe it is the best environment in which to raise children. This is a bedrock institution of our society that I fully support. If you would like to gain a deeper understanding of my view, please see the transcript of my speech to the Young Liberal Federal Convention, available at my website:

The Coalition has a long-standing position supporting the definition of marriage and I am pleased that the position will continue.

Can I encourage you to continue to make your views known publically through letters to newspapers, on blogs, talk back radio and discussing the issue with family and friends.

Our children deserve the best possible start in life and the best possible model for that is a marriage where children enjoy the security of knowing their biological parents & the diversity of male and female role models.
Thank you for your time,

Eric Abetz
That's what Senator Abetz has said about marriage between a man and a woman and it is gratifying to to the results of those of us who strive to teach the truth of marriage, which is ordained of God to be between a man and a woman. If those who prefer same - sex partnership, live together like man and woman do in this world today, and expect the same rights as them, but marriage itself is for man and woman and their children.  As Senator Abetz has pointed out, marriage is the bedrock of our society and without it our society would crumble
August 2015

Saturday, August 8, 2015

DVDs and Cochlear processor

I have been much blessed. Over the years I have collected many DVDs, with quite a number given as gifts by my sons and friends, and mostly all captioned. I am a collector of the classics such as the old musicals, dramas, westerns and wars. There are some modern movies added to the multitude like the Bourne movies, Lord of the Rings, Eragon to name a few. My recent movie was an interesting purchase. I got it through Deseret and thought I was buying something about Latter-day Saints. The title Love's Christmas Journey; the tale of a young woman who lost her husband and little girl to a tornado and travelled to her widowed brother's home for Christmas. He had two children and that is as far as I have got watching  it. Okay so what's the problem? No problem! It started off with the logo and music of 20th Century Fox. One surprise. The second was noticing on the list of stars that Ernest Borgnine was in it. Then came the slogan about Hallmark,. I had to investigate. Okay it seems there are a group of saints searching and making movies suitable for family viewing. Well now I'll go for that and as one can purchase direct from Hallmark as well as Deseret, I just may do a little bit more of DVD buying. Why you ask? Because I can now HEAR! I can actually hear the speech of the stars, hear the songs (oh how I love Doris Day's songs, Kathryn Grayson, Howard keel, William Wallace, the list goes on!). Thus suddenly my great collection of DVDs takes on a new meaning as each day I take one to enjoy hearing it. And I can add to that collection. So blessed am I by a loving Heavenly Father and Saviour Who have made this possible for me and many, many others through the skilful and scientific work of brilliant people to bring the deaf back to hearing and bring the deaf who have never heard to hearing.  I just love the little one's who get the implants. What a wonderful miracle for them, particularly as the implant can 'grow' as they grow and has a life span of about 30 years. There may be horrors in the world, vicious things happening, but amongst it all is the beauty of miracles. What gratitude I feel at this time. And I hope my son, diagnosed with a hearing problem and needing hearing aids, will be as equally blessed.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Dalwallinu Council Boys

I thought I should include my latest published poem in my blog, now that I have re-discovered my password! It was published in the WA Bush Poets and Yarnspinners monthly publication Bullytin, August 2015 edition. For the benefit of readers, Dalwallinu is a wheat belt town north of Perth on the edge of the pastoral land, the last of the agricultural area that is suitable for crop growing. It is 248 kms from Perth on the Great Northern Highway. Meekatharra, the base for the Flying Doctor radio is also on the highway and is 764kms from Perth and the station that we were on Oudabunna, was between the two towns, the turn off to the station at Paynes Find being on the same highway and about 370kms from Perth and 30 kms from Paynes Find, which, at the time we lived there, had only a tavern and petrol bowsers. Our radio codes were Oudabunna 8WIR - Eight Whisky India Romeo and Meekatharra was 8VKJ - Eight Victor Kilo Juliet. The time period is the 1960s and most of the Great Northern Highway north of the wheat belt area was gravel and rough. The Dalwallinu Council at that period was grading and repairing roads out in their farming district.

The Dalwallinu Council Boys
The Dalwallinu Council Boys
Were rebuilding roads anew,
Out in the bush with their council toys
Around the farms of Dalwallinu.

One hundred or so miles up north,
At ten o’clock for morning tea,
Pedal radios tuned and blared forth
Tales that women extolled with glee.

In the gravel, the dirt, the scrub and the dust,
Machinery all stopped their sound.
Smoko you see, the tuned radio a must
For the Dally boys to get their next round.

The women spoke of their troubles,
Their frustrations, their tears, their joys,
Unaware of their secret listeners,
The Dalwallinu Council boys.

The boys heard that Fabulon was useless,
And butter had melted with the heat
And to alleviate weight and the stress,
Splits up the door jamb would defeat.

The Dally boys home troubles the same,
As they listened amongst gravel and tar,
And promptly agreed on a nickname,
The Session of the Galah.

They learnt of lunches ‘n smokos, ‘n windmill runs,
Of mewsling, of crutching and shearing,
Of broken down vehicles, bucking horses and brums
Of sick dogs ‘n dead dogs ‘n drought appearing.

In stitches and with laughter rolling,
The Dalwallinu Council Boys sent a letter,
The Session of the Galah it was extolling,
To tell they hadn’t heard any better.

The women were really delighted
Of such a glowing epistle,
Each morning they happily recited
‘G’day’ to the boys out in the thistle.

 ‘Way south where the city was busy
Was boss Royal Flying Doctor base.
They heard all this radio tizzy
And decided they had to save face.

Dalwallinu Council received a letter,
To discipline its council boys,
To the women they even went one better
The pedal radio was not one of their toys.

So their cuppa tea listeners were banned,
And with a sigh the women did tune
Into their usual morning tea session,
And no ‘G’day’ to break the gloom.

Next time when travelling to the city
As one passed through Dalwallinu town,
A letter was dropped in the gritty
Machinery of boys that were ‘down’.

The Session of the Galah did continue,
Its listeners with delight a radio must,
Dalwallinu Council Boys already knew,
Listening out in the gravel, the dirt, and the dust.


Tuesday, August 4, 2015


This remembering my blog's password has got whiskers on it. I could say the same for all passwords for whatever I do online it requires a password. Now my head is full of passwords. There have been at times many things I wanted to write in my blog and many articles I wanted to attach to my blog. oh well, never mind, let's look at the good side of things. Dad's Story has been self published. Brother John and self designed the cover for this self -published photocopied book!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The things that happen!

My Honours thesis that focused on Warrawagine Station

Some people read my blog and contacted me on my email. I was never more astonished in my life. Okay then. What did they want. Well, they were voices from the past, my writing past. The first was a little lady from New Zealand, Lee Cleaver who is much interested in purchasing my work Eastward to the Avon. Ron Giblett had some copies left over I know a few years back, but unfortunately they all have been sold. As Ron had been a naughty boy, laying claim to have written the book when he never put word to paper, only provided most of the genealogy and other historical data except related to the good ship Success, which I found, I had to contact Copyright Council to sort it all out. Cheeky man using someone else's hard work for his own gratification. No doubt because of that, Ron doesn't want to speak  to me, but Lee wants a book, hard copy hopefully, but as that is not to be, I can copy my own copy of the book for her.
Eastward to the Avon, publisher Ron Giblett
So I have included the cover of the book here and the title page! Just so that I can prove I did write this, Copyright Council did request an acknowledgement of my work. I waived receiving any part of the book sales, leaving that for the Giblett family. And the things that happen? I couldn't get the books to locate the way I wanted them in this poast. Darn!

Title page of Eastward to the Avon